Monday, February 27, 2012

Saving Space in your room

Today, where everything has its costs and acquiring a huge space for all your stuff is almost impossible, saving space is one thing everybody needs. Most of us usually live in a small home or apartment. Others’ reason may be practicality, convenience, or simplicity. But whatever it is, we need to learn how to decorate, organized, and manage our stuff to maximize the space that we have.

The first thing to be able to save space is to clear up all the clutter. Having too much stuff will only make the room more cramped. You should throw away unnecessary stuff and arrange what’s left accordingly. Neatly arrange things out of sight. Put this on closets, shelves, or boxes.  But do not forget to look up, down, under, or next to your bed, cupboards, or any potential space.

A skirted table is also a good way to hide to hide myriad of things. The tablecloth should of course reach the floor.  You may also put boxes under your bed, most especially when your bed has tall legs . Yet, you should remember what you put inside those boxes or label it perhaps. In this way, you wouldn’t defeat the purpose of organizing your stuff.

The second thing to do is to never block the way. Furniture and appliances should not block the view into rooms. Also, consider that you have a small space, might as well choose short pieces that will complement your room space and will help it make look larger. 

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