Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Make your bedroom presentable for Pajama Parties

Our room is our kingdom where we can do whatever we want. It’s the perfect place for indoor relaxation. Yet, we sometimes forget to organize and beautify that kingdom because of the overflowing freedom we experience every time we stay there. Now, here’s a dare for you. Organize your stuff in your bedroom because certainly your things are all over your bedroom. Isn’t it nice to present a good-smelled and organize kingdom to your friends?

The feeling is like being clueless on where and how to start because your room might be too messy. Are you ready for the dare to get your bedroom organized? Here are some tips for you.

If you’re are not really motivated to organize your bedroom now, then, grab your iPod and play your most favorite song which you can dance and sing along. In this way, you’ll gather some energy and motivation with your favorite upbeat song.

Now, you are motivated. Prepare the trash bin and start sweeping out and picking up everything from under cabinets, dressers and the bed. You’ll be surprise that you’ll see some stuff you misplaced.

Do everything one at a time. You may start from your dresser and clothes then proceed to your several number of footwear, followed by your accessories and school supplies/office supplies. Then, make inventories of them. You may arrange them by color, size, type or brand.

Tip: For those clothes that you think you won’t be able to use, start a garage sale on your frontyard. You’ll be earning some income!

If some stuff are sentimental to you, prepare a box, keep it and put labels. Assign every item to a spot which you think best fits them. Put everything in place. Everything must be organized.

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