Sunday, March 4, 2012

Be creative and Organized at the same time

Are you a scrapbooker? Do you enjoy cutting out pictures and pasting those on a personalized book? Do you love designing it with ribbons, stickers, and scrap materials you find in your room? If so, you might feel that organizing a scrapbook can be a bit disorganized at times. With all the materials and tools you keep, it ends up being messy.

The way to make scrapbooking a success is to find an approach which will fit your creative style, organization style, and your lifestyle as a whole. First thing to do is organize the tools and materials you need for scrapbooking. Store those under your bed, over-the-door shoe bags, in the garage, or in baskets.  Remember to label the kind of materials like buttons, fabric, ribbons, etc. You’ll probably get discouraged to start a scrapbook if you need to dig out all your gear in different places before you can actually begin. By this, you will waste time and effort.

Second is to create your own scrapbooking space. Whether you’re working on the kitchen table or a space in your room, it’s important to set-up a space which will work for your passion. You may use russell + hazel collator and 3-ring binders for a stylish proposition. A collator is used to store scrapbook paper or works still in process for your arms to reach. A 3-ring binder will help your organize ideas for lay-out, design, and color combinations. Also, make sure you have adequate lighting to avoid eye strain.

And lastly, you can check books and websites which offer you variety of ideas how to do your scrapbooking. Their topics may include themes and color combination to prop up your idea on scrapbooking. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Make your bedroom presentable for Pajama Parties

Our room is our kingdom where we can do whatever we want. It’s the perfect place for indoor relaxation. Yet, we sometimes forget to organize and beautify that kingdom because of the overflowing freedom we experience every time we stay there. Now, here’s a dare for you. Organize your stuff in your bedroom because certainly your things are all over your bedroom. Isn’t it nice to present a good-smelled and organize kingdom to your friends?

The feeling is like being clueless on where and how to start because your room might be too messy. Are you ready for the dare to get your bedroom organized? Here are some tips for you.

If you’re are not really motivated to organize your bedroom now, then, grab your iPod and play your most favorite song which you can dance and sing along. In this way, you’ll gather some energy and motivation with your favorite upbeat song.

Now, you are motivated. Prepare the trash bin and start sweeping out and picking up everything from under cabinets, dressers and the bed. You’ll be surprise that you’ll see some stuff you misplaced.

Do everything one at a time. You may start from your dresser and clothes then proceed to your several number of footwear, followed by your accessories and school supplies/office supplies. Then, make inventories of them. You may arrange them by color, size, type or brand.

Tip: For those clothes that you think you won’t be able to use, start a garage sale on your frontyard. You’ll be earning some income!

If some stuff are sentimental to you, prepare a box, keep it and put labels. Assign every item to a spot which you think best fits them. Put everything in place. Everything must be organized.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Saving Space in your room

Today, where everything has its costs and acquiring a huge space for all your stuff is almost impossible, saving space is one thing everybody needs. Most of us usually live in a small home or apartment. Others’ reason may be practicality, convenience, or simplicity. But whatever it is, we need to learn how to decorate, organized, and manage our stuff to maximize the space that we have.

The first thing to be able to save space is to clear up all the clutter. Having too much stuff will only make the room more cramped. You should throw away unnecessary stuff and arrange what’s left accordingly. Neatly arrange things out of sight. Put this on closets, shelves, or boxes.  But do not forget to look up, down, under, or next to your bed, cupboards, or any potential space.

A skirted table is also a good way to hide to hide myriad of things. The tablecloth should of course reach the floor.  You may also put boxes under your bed, most especially when your bed has tall legs . Yet, you should remember what you put inside those boxes or label it perhaps. In this way, you wouldn’t defeat the purpose of organizing your stuff.

The second thing to do is to never block the way. Furniture and appliances should not block the view into rooms. Also, consider that you have a small space, might as well choose short pieces that will complement your room space and will help it make look larger. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Get Organized: Write it Down

                                                  Project presentation. Meeting with clients. Fetch parents at the airport. Send email to boss. Date with Loved one.  And all other things-to-do......

I don’t know how people get through all these stuff without missing any of it. But one magical thing to do is to write it down. Nothing beats remembering things you have, need, and want to do in life and of course, checking it from time to time.

With everybody’s hectic schedule, some may find it hard to be organized. Eventually, you will feel your life is in scattered, and you end up becoming frustrated. To achieve an organized life, you must first determine your priorities and objectives. Second, know how you want your lifestyle and your things are arranged. And next, determine the things you should do, when it is needed to do, and how you are going to do it.

So, as I said, a magical thing to do is write it down. There are reasons why those notebooks with calendar days on them are called organizers. It helps you chronologically jot down important notes, memos, and reminders. If a little notebook doesn’t work for you, you can keep a calendar displayed on your room with memos on it. This way, you wake up every morning reminded by the things you have to do for the rest of the day. But since we are now moving in a high-tech world, check out your phone for its quick note application. Aside from the calls and texts you’re receiving, notes will also alarm you of what you need to do. As it becomes a habit, everything will be easier and worry-free.

Organization of things is a must!

Are you the type who leaves your things anywhere? Do you always have difficulty on looking for them? Do you often forget which stuff you put on where? Well, it’s time to get your stuff organized because it is a must!

You need not be an obsessive compulsive type of person just to organize and arrange your things. You must have the will to do it even if it is acceptable that disorganization is just a natural state. Think of it, if everything is placed into order life, would be easier my friend!

If you decide to organize your stuff right now, here's some helpful tips that you should consider.

First, everything must have a space assigned for them. Choose a spot at home that you think certain stuff must be kept. Say for example, kitchenware like knife and cutter must be placed out of reach of children. You may hang or keep them on locked drawers.

Second, manage routines. Making to do list is one way to organize your daily activities. Make routines for laundry, errands, finances, and general house cleaning. With this, you’ll manage to optimize your time as well as your living.

Third, purchase storage boxes. During holidays, we tend to shop more often because of discounts that retail stores offer. We forget that every year our things at home are increasing in number as other items are not really useful. If you’re the sentimental type of person, storage boxes are best for you. Keep the not-so-useful item in the box with labels. Through this, when the time comes you’ll be needing those, you will not be having a hard time of finding them.

Lastly, start organizing step-by-step. This is not just a one-day process since you’ll still have to make inventories of your items. You must have the will to be organized because it is a must.