Sunday, March 4, 2012

Be creative and Organized at the same time

Are you a scrapbooker? Do you enjoy cutting out pictures and pasting those on a personalized book? Do you love designing it with ribbons, stickers, and scrap materials you find in your room? If so, you might feel that organizing a scrapbook can be a bit disorganized at times. With all the materials and tools you keep, it ends up being messy.

The way to make scrapbooking a success is to find an approach which will fit your creative style, organization style, and your lifestyle as a whole. First thing to do is organize the tools and materials you need for scrapbooking. Store those under your bed, over-the-door shoe bags, in the garage, or in baskets.  Remember to label the kind of materials like buttons, fabric, ribbons, etc. You’ll probably get discouraged to start a scrapbook if you need to dig out all your gear in different places before you can actually begin. By this, you will waste time and effort.

Second is to create your own scrapbooking space. Whether you’re working on the kitchen table or a space in your room, it’s important to set-up a space which will work for your passion. You may use russell + hazel collator and 3-ring binders for a stylish proposition. A collator is used to store scrapbook paper or works still in process for your arms to reach. A 3-ring binder will help your organize ideas for lay-out, design, and color combinations. Also, make sure you have adequate lighting to avoid eye strain.

And lastly, you can check books and websites which offer you variety of ideas how to do your scrapbooking. Their topics may include themes and color combination to prop up your idea on scrapbooking.